Art Bridges The Gap Between Patients and Healthcare

Artistic Designs for Hospital Exteriors


Hospitals are large and forbidding institutions where people who are ill must go. They are not generally a place where anyone wants to be, especially when they have little hope. Patients often arrive at a hospital for necessary procedures and fear is a large part of their mindset. Walking into a tall and imposing building may not be comforting for many patients. It is important to take notice of the psychological effect of the exterior building design, and modern architectures have done just that.

There are many hospital buildings that are being remodeled. New hospital buildings are being erected on a regular basis. This is encouraging, and a new breed of building designers has taken the time to update building exteriors. Modern hospital buildings now look less menacing and more inviting. The judicious use of glass and color has made them far less daunting.

Artistic landscaping is another facet of modern hospitals. No longer are these buildings surrounded by large, empty lawns. Water features such as fountains have been added to many outside areas of hospitals. The soothing effect of moving water has been recognized as a way to help patients and their families with stress. Sitting areas with topiary take give patients and visitors a focal point for their eyes and minds.

While a hospital is probably never going to be a place where patients want to be, updating the exterior helps. It becomes a less sinister place for them and their loved ones to enter. A pleasant façade offers hope and lends courage where despair might dwell. It gives patients the feeling that it is a building of healing rather than a place to spend their final days. Updated landscaping adds to the lighter look of hospital buildings. It offers patients and visitors a friendlier and more welcoming experience.